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Yayzi are proud to support the Faster Britain project by supplying full fibre connectivity to businesses based in the Blackpool Enterprise Zone


Full fibre connectivety

Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

As the Government promises 100% Gigabit capability by 2025, we are playing a key role, supporting alternative network provider ITS with the rollout of the Faster Britain network across the UK.

A Faster Britain-enabled area provides full fibre and access to ultrafast connectivity, supporting cloud-enabled and future proof technologies.

Powered by Yayzi, Faster Britain is an ultrafast, digital infrastructure across the UK.

 Ultrafast full fibre connectivity allows businesses to scale and communicate in uniquely effective ways. As copper-based services become increasingly obsolete, it is becoming less a luxury and more a necessity. Indeed, it is now a key hygiene factor for the modern business and for citizens that live and consume services online.

 However, a problem persists. This connectivity isn’t readily available to everyone and digging up roads and laying down fibre is beyond the capability of many technology providers. It’s a problem Faster Britain is meeting head on.

Fast. Robust. Reliable.

100% Target Service Availability

No Throttling or Traffic Management

Static IP Address

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