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You can get between Download & Upload with our Super-Fast Broadband!

And up to 1GBit/s with our Ultra-Fast broadband!

we’re making broadband easy, again.

Monthly Rolling Contract*

Sign up for a 12 month contract, or go monthly. 

Zero Setup Fee

We charge no set up fees, keep costs low. 

Lifetime Price Guarantee

We’ll never raise your price
during your commitment period, or after!

UK Based Support

Our call centre is based in Blackpool, supporting you with all-British technical expertise and assistance.

No Speed Throttling

We never slow down your connection, you’ll always get the speed you pay for. 



 In the unlikely event that things don’t go to right, you’re covered

* only available on Super-fast products.

Not your average broadband provider!

Blackpool, welcome to #gigabusiness… 

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